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Blanks with or without Polyethylene Coating


Cut-to-length and Polyethylene Protection


Polishing of Plates with Polyethylene Coating




Blanks with or without Polyethylene Coating

At present we have a state of the art machine, made in Italy, which allows us to offer our customers the material they need and with the measures that most suites their manufacturing requirements.

This cutting line simultaneously carries out the following operations:

  1. Straightening
  2. Polyethylene coating
  3. Longitudinal cutting
  4. Transversal cutting

Thus avoiding excesive handling of the material, bearing in mind that the stainless steel is a very delicate material and this process is used keeping the original finish.

Technical Characteristics

  • Digital Encoder of 1.000 pulses which allows to carry out exact transversal cuttings, i.e.: 333,5mm
  • Digital knives positioner and longitudinal cutting slitter which allow to carry out 5 longitudinal cuts along the width of the coil to be used.
  • We can process thicknesses from 0,40mm to 1,6mm.
  • The automatic stacking device prevents damages to the pieces once they are cut because they do not have to be piled up one on top of the other.
  • The electrostatic power generator that sticks the paper momentarily to the sheet in order to get a better storage, above all as regards small pieces.


  • Giving our customers different measures apart from the standard ones.
  • Reducing scrap.
  • Eliminating the process of cutting at the mill.
  • Shorten the period of time for production.
  • Preventing damages that may be caused during the process by means of the polyethylene protection.

Cut-to-length and Polyethylene Protection

Among other advantages, Servicorte® offers its customers cut-to-length, with or without paper, with or without polyethylene, according to their needs, using a new state-of-the-art italian line, which will give customers the possibilitiy of having the plates cut at the exact measure they require.


  • Uncoiler with 12.000 Tons capacity.
  • Selfcentered guides to avoid bevel square
  • Leveler
  • Automatic paper recoiler
  • Scrap recoiler
  • Automatic stacking device
  • Electrostatic power generator in order to stick the paper.


  • Thicknesses: from 0,4 mm up to 1,8 mm
  • Width of coil: 50/1.500 mm
  • Cut Sheet length: 5/6.000 mm

Polishing of plates with Polyethylene Coating

Finish: with grain 180, 240, 320 and 600.

Thickness: 0,5/5,00 (cold rolled)

Sheets measures:

  • Minimum: 600 mm x 1.000 mm
  • Maximum: 1.500 mm x 5.000 mm

Polishing on one or both faces.

Polyethylene Protection


Characteristics for coil slitting:

Thickness: 0,20 / 3,00 mm

Width: up to 1.500 mm for the original coil.

Cuts: starting from 10 mm.

The work is carried out with a versatile equipment developed with the objective that the slitting results in an original coil. The work is controlled by means of an electronic equipment that regulates the speed and recoiler tension avoiding thus the scrap of the material.

The slitting is also carried out keeping the original width of the coil, fractioning the weight and putting polyetylene coating. The packing of the material is made according to the requirements of the customer.